Parallel Sessions - Few-Atom Systems

Lecture hall: HS Geographie (G)

Talk Schedule

Lead talks are 25 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion, all other talks are 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.

Monday, August 31
Chair: V. Belyaev
14:30 K. O'Hara Stability of a Fermi gas with 3 spin states [.ppt] [.pptx]
15:00 E. Kolganova Ultracold Helium trimer in the framework of Fadeev approach [.pdf] [.ppt]
15:20 B. Krippa Exact renormalization group: few-body and many-body systems [.pdf]
15:40 S. Toelle The spectrum of particles with short-ranged interactions in an harmonic trap [.pdf]
16:00 T. Ottenstein Towards a finite ensemble of ultracold Fermions [.ppt]
16:20 BREAK
Chair: E. Braaten
17:00 S. Moroz Functional renormalization group and conformal invariance in cold atoms [.pdf]
17:30 E. Ruiz-Arriola Renormalization and universality of Van der Waals forces [.pdf]
17:50 R. Schmidt Functional renormalization group approach to the four-body problem [.pdf]
18:10 K. Helfrich The heteronuclear Efimov effect [.pdf]
18:30 R. Kezerashvili A four-electron artificial atom in the hyperspherical function method [.pdf]
Tuesday, September 1
Chair: T. Frederico
14:30 D. Phillips Universality and beyond [.pdf]
15:00 D. Lee Causality and universality in low-energy scattering [.pdf]
15:20 L. Ancarani Ground and excited states for exotic three-body atomic systems [.ppt]
15:40 M. Hadizadeh 4He dimer and trimer in a three dimensional approach [.pdf]
16:00 M. Volkov Solving quantum scattering problems for few-body molecular systems using the complex scaling method [.pdf]
16:20 BREAK