Parallel Session - Few-hadron systems

Lecture hall: HS Mathematik groß (M)

Talk Schedule

Lead talks are 25 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion, all other talks are 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.

Monday, August 31
Chair: J. Haidenbauer
14:30 S. Dürr Hadron spectrum from lattice QCD [.pdf]
15:00 Y. Ikeda Kaon-nucleon potential from lattice QCD [.ppt]
15:20 K.-S. Choi Axial charges of nucleon and N* resonances [.pdf]
15:40 A. Martinez Torres N* resonances in the ππN system [.pdf]
16:00 M. Sekiguchi Mass spectra of the low-lying nonet scalar mesons in the lattice QCD [.ppt]
16:20 M. Bashkanov Study of few-body problems at WASA [.ppt]
16:40 BREAK
Chair: R. Springer
17:00 C. Schmidt Baryon spectroscopy - Recent results from the Crystal Barrel Experiment at ELSA [.pdf]
17:30 I. Jaegle Photoproduction of pi0-eta pairs off light nuclei [.pdf]
17:50 T. van Cauteren High-mass three-quark states [.pdf]
18:10 P. Vancraeyveld Regge-plus-resonance predictions for electromagnetic kaon producion from the deuteron [.pdf]
18:30 T. Takahashi Search for Theta+ pentaquark via the pi p -> K- X reaction at J-PARC [.pdf]
18:50 G. Ganbold Mesons and glueballs: two-particle bound states [.pdf]
Tuesday, September 1
Chair: J. Messchendorp
14:30 V. Baru Low-energy πNN system [.pdf]
15:00 A. Cieplý Kbar N dynamics at and near threshold energies [.pdf]
15:20 J. Marton Low-energy anti-kaon nucleon and nucleus interaction [.pptx]
15:40 M. Iio Precision spectroscopy of kaonic Helium-3 atoms X-rays at J-PARC [.pptx]
16:00 N. Shevchenko Two- and three-body resonances in the Kbar N N <-> pi Sigma N system [.ppt]
16:20 Y. Uzikov Quasi-bound 3He-η state and spin-observables of the reaction p d -> 3He η [.pdf]
16:40 BREAK
Chair: D. Gotta
17:00 J.-S. Real Recent results from the G0 experiment [.pdf]
17:30 A. Pricking The ABC effect in the double-pionic fusion to 4He* [.ppt]
17:50 O. Vazquez Doce Low energy kaon nuclei interaction studies at DAΦNE (AMADEUS experiment) [.pdf]
18:10 V. Grishina K-3He and K-4He interactions at low energies [.ppt]
18:30 S. Okada Precision spectroscopy of kaonic atoms at DAΦNE [.pdf]
18:50 P. Goslawski High precision beam momentum determination in a synchrotron using the spin-resonance method [.pdf]
Thursday, September 3
Chair: U. Thoma
14:30 R. Williams Bethe-Salpeter studies of mesons beyond rainbow-ladder [.pdf]
15:00 F. Navarra X(3872) as a charmonium-molecule mixture: mass and decay width [.ppt]
15:20 M. Takizawa Structure of the X(3872) and its isospin symmetry breaking [.pdf]
15:40 C. Fontoura Study of the D-meson-nucleon interaction using a QCD Coulomb gauge quark model [.pdf]
16:00 G. Krein Quark model study of the coupling of charmed mesons to the nucleon [.pdf]
16:20 BREAK
Friday, September 4
Chair: L. Tomio
14:30 T. Strauch Pionic deuterium [.ppt]
15:00 G. Eichmann Solving the covariant three quark equation for the nucleon [.pdf]
15:20 Y. Fujiwara nd scattering observables derived from the quark-model baryon-baryon interaction [.ppt]
15:40 I. Narodetskii Q-antiQ and QQQ bound states in the deconfined phase of QCD [not available]
16:00 T. Rausmann Precision study of the reaction d+p -> 3He+η at ANKE [.pdf]
16:20 Y. Fujiwara J-PARC E17 experiment [.pdf]
16:40 BREAK
Chair: M. Nielsen
17:00 B. Bakker Conceptual issues in deeply virtual Compton scattering [.pdf]
17:20 E. Biernat Electromagnetic meson form factor from a relativistic coupled-channel approach [.pdf]
17:40 E. Pace Longitudinal and transverse parton momentum distributions for pion and nucleon within relativistic constituent quark models [.pdf]
18:00 V. Belyaev Meson-nuclear clusters in the few-body approaches [not available]
18:20 V. Kukulin Experimental and theoretical backgrounds for generation of dibaryons in NN and 3N interactions [.ppt]