Parallel Session - Light nuclei

Lecture hall: HS Anatomie B (B)

Talk Schedule

Lead talks are 25 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion, all other talks are 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.

Monday, August 31
Chair: D. Phillips
14:30 D. Shukla Compton scattering on light nuclei [.ppt]
15:00 V. Ladygin Short-range correlation studies in collisions of polarized nuclei at Nuclotron-M [.pdf]
15:20 J. Kirscher Universality in pion-less EFT with the resonating group model: Three, four, and six nucleons [.pdf]
15:40 R. Lazauskas Elastic proton scattering on tritium below the n-3He threshold [.ppt]
16:00 M. Gattobigio Non-symmetrized hyperspherical harmonics basis for A ≥ 4 system [.pdf]
16:20 Y. Eguchi Systematic measurements of pd breakup cross section at quasi-free scattering [.ppt]
16:40 BREAK
Chair: A. Nogga
17:00 T.-S. Park Light nuclei and electroweak probes [.pptx]
17:30 S. Bayegan Photodisintegration of 3H in a three dimensional Faddeev approach [.pptx]
17:50 G. Orlandini Three-body force effects on the longitudinal response function of 4He [.pdf]
18:10 W. Leidemann 3He transverse electron scattering response function in the quasielastic region [.pdf]
18:30 E. Tomusiak Threshold 3He and 3H transverse electron scattering response functions [.pdf]
18:50 A. Tamii Gamow-Teller strengh in the A=4 system [.ppt]
Tuesday, September 1
Chair: I. Stetcu
14:30 S. Stave Few-body physics at the high intensity gamma-ray source (HIGS) [.ppt]
15:00 A. Sarty New polarization measurements for deuteron photodisintegration in the 275 - 360 MeV energy region [.ppt]
15:20 M. Weinriefer Investigation of the 3He nuclear structure using polarization observables [.pdf]
15:40 S. Kreuzer Three-boson bound states in finite volume with EFT [.pdf]
16:00 A. Ramazani Study of deuteron-deuteron scattering at 65 MeV per nucleon [.ppt]
16:20 N. Timofeyuk Constructing hyperspherical basis for N>4 body problem: Application to fermionic and bosonic systems [.ppt]
16:40 BREAK
Chair: D. Lee
17:00 R. Gilman Correlated Protons in 3He Photo-Disintegration [.pdf]
17:30 Y. Shimizu Spin dependent momentum distribution of proton in 3He studied via proton induced exclusive knock-out reaction [.ppt]
17:50 W. Polyzou Cluster properties in relativistic quantum mechanical models with particle production [.pdf]
18:10 A. Kadyrov Surface-integral formulation of scattering theory [.pdf]
18:30 C. Romero-Redondo Phase shift calculations for three-body reactions using the adiabatic expansion method [.pdf]
18:50 W. Horiuchi Application of correlated basis to a description of continuum states [.ppt]
Friday, September 4
Chair: J. Golak
17:00 P. von Neumann-Cosel Few-body experiments at the S-DALINAC [.ppt]
17:30 B. Gibson The 2H electric dipole moment in a separable potential approach [.pdf]
17:50 R. de Diego Astrophysical reaction rates for 6He and 9Be production by electromagnetic radiative capture and four-body recombination [.pdf]
18:10 J.-P. Didelez Persistance of the polarization in a fusion process [.ppt]
18:30 T. Myo Tensor optimized shell model using bare interaction for light nuclei [.ppt]
18:50 S. Liebig Few-nucleon contribution to pi-scattering on light nuclei [.pdf]