Parallel Session - Nuclear forces

Lecture hall: HS Anatomie A (A)

Talk Schedule

Lead talks are 25 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion, all other talks are 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.

Monday, August 31
Chair: Ch. Elster
14:30 H. Krebs Nuclear forces from EFT: Recent developments [.pdf]
15:00 A. Nogga Four-nucleon force contribution to the binding energy of 4He [.pdf]
15:20 O. Rubtsova Solving few-body scattering problems in the momentum lattice basis [.ppt]
15:40 S. Ishikawa Three-nucleon force effects in proton-deuteron scattering [.ppt]
16:00 Y. Maeda Measurement of pd breakup cross sections at E / A = 13 MeV in the off-plane star configuration [.ppt]
16:20 E. Stephan Analyzing powers of the deuteron-proton breakup in a wide phase space region [.pdf]
16:40 BREAK
Chair: K. Miyagawa
17:00 K. Sagara Recent experiments on three nucleon systems and problems to be solved [.ppt]
17:30 M. Eslami-Kalantari Measurements of scattering observables for the p-pol + d break-up reaction [.ppt]
17:50 M. Viviani Proton-3He elastic scattering at low energies and the "Ay puzzle" [.pdf]
18:10 G. Rawitscher Steps for the solution of Fadeev integral equations in configuration space [.pdf]
18:30 H. Bhang The contribution of the three-body interaction process in the nonmesonic-weak decay of Lambda-hypernuclei [.ppt]
Tuesday, September 1
Chair: E. Epelbaum
14:30 H. Witala A novel treatment of the proton-proton Coulomb force in proton-deuteron Faddeev calculations [.ppt]
15:00 R. Skibinski The proton-proton scattering without Coulomb force renormalization [.ppt]
15:20 A. Shirokov NN interaction JISP16: Current status and prospect [.ppt]
15:40 S. Dymov Physics with diproton final states at ANKE-COSY [.pdf]
16:00 J. Golak Approximate three-dimensional wave function and the T-Matrix for the sharply cut off Coulomb potential [.pdf]
16:20 D. Minossi Modified effective range expansion for nucleon-nucleon scattering [.pdf]
16:40 BREAK
Chair: E. Ruiz-Arriola
17:00 A. Kacharava np scattering experiments at ANKE COSY [.ppt]
17:30 M. Pavon Valderrama Renormalization of chiral two pion exchange for proton-proton scattering and proton-proton fusion [.pdf]
17:50 V. Timoteo Similarity renormalization group evolution of nucleon-nucleon interactions in the subtracted kernel approach [.pdf]
Thursday, September 3
Chair: R. Higa
14:30 C. Elster Poincar&eacite; invariant three-body scattering at intermediate energies [.pdf]
15:00 I. Fachruddin Treatment of two and three nucleons in three dimensions [.pdf]
15:20 S. Kuroita Measurement of 2H(p,pp)n cross sections at Ep = 250 MeV [.pptx]
15:40 S. Oryu Three-body pd scattering with a possible long-range force [not available]
16:00 K. Sekiguchi Complete set of deuteron analyzing powers for dp elastic scattering at 250 MeV per nucleon and three-nucleon force [.pdf]
16:20 H. Kamada Calculations of triton binding energy with Lorentz boosted nucleon-nucleon potential [not available]
16:40 BREAK
Friday, September 4
Chair: K. Sekiguchi
14:30 O. Zimmer Ultracold neutrons and neutron decays [.ppt]
15:00 S. Ando The D coefficient in neutron beta decay in effective field theory [.pdf]
15:20 S. Kölling Two-pion exchange electromagnetic current in chiral effective field theory using the method of unitary transformation [.pdf]
15:40 A. Motovilov Bounds on the spectrum and spectral subspaces of few-body Hamiltonians [.pdf]
16:00 A. Matveenko Definition of free dynamics and the physical S-matrix in the multichannel hyperradial adiabatic scattering [.pdf]
16:20 N. Takibayev Exact analytic solutions in three-body problem [.ppt]
16:40 BREAK