Parallel Session - Nuclear structure

Lecture hall: HS Geographie (G)

Talk Schedule

Lead talks are 25 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion, all other talks are 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.

Thursday, September 3
Chair: R. Beck
14:30 T. Papenbrock Nuclear structure from chiral EFT [.pdf]
15:00 D. Phillips Electromagnetic properties of the Beryllium-11 nucleus in halo EFT [.pdf]
15:20 A. Lacour Chiral Effective Field Theory for nuclear matter including long- and short-range interactions [.pdf]
15:40 Y. Taniguchi Alpha clustering and superdeformation of 28Si [.pdf]
16:00 T. Togashi Description of nuclear structures in light nuclei with Brueckner-AMD [.ppt]
16:20 BREAK
Friday, September 4
Chair: T. Neff
14:30 R. Higa Electromagnetic interactions in halo EFT [.pdf]
15:00 M. Kimura Structures of light halo nuclei [.ppt]
15:20 A. Jensen Three-body s-wave resonances above threshold with short-range interactions [.pdf] [.ps]
15:40 S. Krewald Low-density nuclear matter in effective field theory [not available]
16:00 A. Wirzba Neutron-proton mass difference in nuclear matter and in finite nuclei and the Nolen-Schiffer anomaly [not available]
16:20 BREAK
Chair: W. Polyzou
17:00 T. Neff Cluster structures within fermionic molecular dynamics [.pdf]
17:30 A. Fonseca Three-body Faddeev-type approach to direct nuclear reactions [.pdf]
17:50 H. Okamura Study of breakup mechanism of a loosely bound projectile in a region of Coulomb breakup dominance [.ppt]
18:10 T. Furumoto Important role of three-body repulsive force effect in nuclear reactions [not available]
18:30 Y. Tzeng Coherent neutrino scattering from nuclei [.ppt]