Parallel Session - Strange and exotic systems

Lecture hall: HS Mathematik klein (m)

Talk Schedule

Lead talks are 25 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion, all other talks are 15 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion.

Tuesday, September 1
Chair: H. Krebs
17:00 R. Springer Parity violation in the NN interaction [.pdf]
17:30 T. Frederico A relativistic model for three-body final state interaction in D decays [.pdf]
17:50 B. Vlahovic Faddeev calculations for the 9Lambda-Be spectrum [.ppt]
18:10 W. Bentz Quark fragmentation to pions in an effective chiral theory [.pdf]
18:30 K. Seth Hyperfine Interaction in Quarkonia [.pdf]
Thursday, September 3
Chair: A. Rusetsky
14:30 N. Kaiser Spin-orbit interaction in nuclei and hypernuclei [.pdf]
15:00 Y. Yamamoto Ξ hypernuclei predicted by the new interaction model ESC08 [not available]
15:20 T. Motoba Repulsive Lambda-N pairing interaction and how to see in hypernuclei [not available]
15:40 K. Nakazawa Observation of double-Lambda hypernuclei with hybrid-emulsion method [.pdf]
16:00 A. Sanchez Roadmap for double hypernuclei spectroscopy at PANDA [.pdf]
16:20 H. Nemura ΛN and ΞN interactions studied with lattice QCD [.pdf]
16:40 BREAK
Friday, September 4
Chair: E. Oset
14:30 T. Mart Photo- and electroproduction of the hypertriton [.pdf]
15:00 P. Achenbach Associated Lambda/Sigma_0 electro-production with the KAOS spectrometer at MAMI [.pdf]
15:20 M. Nielsen SU(3) mass-splittings of the heavy-baryons octet and decuplet in QCD [.pdf]
15:40 A. Umeya Sigma-admixture in neutron-rich lithium Lambda hypernuclei in a microscopic shell-model calculation [.pdf]
16:00 S. Yasui Exotic nuclei with charm and bottom flavor [.pdf]
16:20 T. Suzuki The investigation of Lambda(1405) state in the stopped K- reaction on deuterium [not available]
16:40 BREAK
Chair: T. Mart
17:00 P. Camerini Evidence for a bound K- pp system [.ppt]
17:30 K. Tsukada A search for deeply-bound kaonic nuclear states at J-PARC [not available]
17:50 K. Khemchandani Exotic states in the S=1 N-pi-K system and low-lying 1/2+ S=-1 resonances [.pdf] [.ppt]
18:10 S. Takeuchi Baryon resonances in the baryon meson scattering coupled to the qqq state [.pdf]
18:30 B. Grube Precision meson spectroscopy at COMPASS [.pdf]
18:50 J. Pretz Future plans at COMPASS [.pdf]