Poster Session

2nd Floor Mathematical Institute, Thursday, September 3, 5-6pm

List of posters
P1 M. Assad Abdel-Raouf Binding energies of positronium-muonium and positronium-pionium exotic molecules
P2 T. Tsogbayar Variational wave functions of the two-center problem
P3 A. Martinez Torres Structure of some X and Y meson resonances
P5 G. Musulmanbekov From quark to nucleon correlations in light nuclei
P6 M. Mielke The ABC effect in d p -> 3He pi+ pi- at ANKE
P7 S. Oryu Relativistic antisymmetrized molecular dynamics for the three-body quark systems
P8 T. Palmai Pion-pion interaction by inversion
P9 V. Balashov Correlated d pi+ -pair production in quasi-free pp-collisions in nuclear matters
P10 L. Ancarani A simple predictive tool for the stability of the three-body systems
P11 O. Imambekov Rescattering effects in the reaction p + d -> (pp)_s + n with a fast forward 1S0 proton pair
P12 S.-I. Ando Effective Field Theory of the 3He
P13 W. Leidemann 3He transverse electron scattering response function with Delta degrees of freedom
P14 H. Kamada Relativistic boosted potential and ist nonlocality
P15 H. Witala Poincare invariant treatment of the three-nucleon problem
P16 M. Harzchi Implementation of low-momentum effective interaction in spin-isospin dependent 3D approach
P17 M. Shojaei Nucleon-nucleon interaction and determine static properties of deuteron with central potentials
P18 S. Levin New approach to the quantum three-body scattering problem. I. One-dimensional particles
P19 V. Timoteo Subtractive renormalization of the NN interaction at NNLO
P21 A. Jensen The structure of 18Ne states described as 16O and two protons
P22 M. Kamimura Three-body calculation of stau-catalyzed Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis reactions
P23 O. Rubtsova Construction of optical potentials for the composite particle interaction with full account of breakup
P24 T. Myo Role of tensor correlation on halo formation in halo nuclei
P26 S. Takeuchi X(3872) as a coupled twp-meson molecular state with a tetraquark configuration
P27 K. Tanida Possibility of Theta+ hypernuclei search using (K+,p) reaction
P28 M. Shoeb The energy of 2+ excited state of 10Lambda-Lambda-Be
P29 T. Suzuki Strange tribaryons studied in the 4He(K-stopped, Lambda N) reaction
P30 Theingi Coherent Lambda-Sigma coupling effect in 5Lambda-He
P31 M. Hadizadeh The study of few-body bound states in a three dimensional approach
P32 A. Machavariani Analytic determination of the magnetic moment of the delta resonances and the deuteron in the pi-N and N-N bremsstrahlung reactions
P33 A. Khrykin On a missed mechanism of dielectron production in nucleus-nucleus collisions
P34 M. Takibayev Three-body resonances and neutrino generator in the crystal model of stellar helium core
P35 F. Taghavi Shahri Small-x behavior of polarized hadron structure functions in valon model
P36 S. Catto Symmetries and mass predictions of the supersymmetric quark model
P37 A. Svinarenko Dynamics of the resonant levels for atomic ensembles in a laser pulse: Optical bi-stability
P38 N. Mudraya Electron re-arrangement induced by nuclear transmutation and stochastic auto-ionization of radiactive atoms
P39 O. Khetselius Hyperfine structure and atomic parity non-conservation effect in heavy atoms and observing P and PT violation
P40 A. Glushkov Discharge of metastable nuclei during negative muon capture
P41 Y. Dubrovskaya Generalized multiconfiguration model of decay of the multipole giant resonances
P42 N. Cortez Some news about the doubly charged Higgs Bosons and in special in a SU(3)L x U(1)N model
P43 F. Pheron Eta photoproduction off 3He: Search for eta-mesic nuclei
P44 L. Trevisan Improvements on the statistical quark model to nucleon flavor asymmetries